National Accreditation of Christian Private Schools



Accreditation is granted to schools that are trustworthy institution of learning, which meet the strict qualifications of a third party.


The IO submits initial membership application, if not a NACPS member.

Accreditation Step by Step Process

Eligibility Criteria


                                                                                           (Must be a member to apply)


Interested Organization (IO) contacts must adhere to the NACPS requirements below. The IO submits initial membership application, if not a NACPS member. This step must be completed first before accreditation can be granted. All payments are non-refundable fees. In addition to being a National Accreditation of Christian Private Schools member in good standing, the Private Christian School and College must meet the following eligibility criteria::

1.    Must be licensed, registered, or verified exempt from licensing/registration with the State Department of Education.
2.    Must adhere to a nondiscrimination policy.
3.    Must be incompliance with local, state, and federal regulations.
4.    Must adhere to NACPS Step by Step Process, policies and procedures, and accreditation standards. 

Steps to Full Accreditation:

Phase 1: Accreditation Application Fee: $1200 (Must be a member to apply)

Phase 2: Member Application Fee: $600

Phase 3: Self-Study Accreditation Manual: $475.00

Phase 4: Manual Review: $250

Phase 5: Site-Visit: $850

Annual Accreditation Renewal Fee: $500 (Annually following first school year of accreditation)

Step 1: Self-Study Accreditation Manual: As soon as payments is received, the Self-Study Accreditation Manual will be issued for the school administrative staff to complete. This is the process that is commonly referred to as the “self-study phase.” Through the self-study procedure, a Interested organization (IO) conducts a systematic and thorough examination of all its components in light of its stated mission. The manual will “prompt” you through this examination. Schools have eight months to complete the Self-Study, and all fees received are non-refundable. Each Standard has between One and two Indicators. For each of the 31 sections (and included standards), the school will provide documentation and narratives as evidence of their current level of compliance.


Step: 2 Manual Review: The completed manual and support documentation is returned to the NACPS. The accreditation leader will review the school’s self-study and contact the school with additional questions as needed. Once the review is complete, the accreditation leader will schedule a zoom call meeting with organization. The review will address any remaining questions the school or the accreditation leader may have. When any remaining documentation or corrections have been completed, the updated review will be presented to for final approval.


Step 3: Site-Visit: Every school is unique, site visit will be determined by team leader. This will be determined by the self-study manual review. If it has been determined that a site visit is necessary, the number of days scheduled, and the number of site visit team members will vary depending on the school type, programs offered and size. If organization is strictly an online school or college, the accreditation leader will proceed with the site visit accordingly based on self-study manual review. 

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National Accreditation of Christian Private Schools
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